Insight Class Training: Help Teens Overcome Problems with Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drugs

In just two days of training, learn how to implement Insight with confidence!

Helping Teens Overcome Problems With Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drugs (Insight) is a practical, research-based curriculum that will show you how to help teens in trouble because of their alcohol, marijuana, or other drug use. This program is used extensively across the country as a positive alternative to suspension. Through nine sessions, teens learn about mood-altering substances (with a special emphasis on marijuana), how the substances affect their problem-solving abilities, and the social consequences of their drug use.

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Through Insight training, you will learn to...

  • Establish policies and procedures for an alternative to suspension
  • Successfully implement Helping Teens Overcome Alcohol, Marijuana and Other Drugs
  • Identify and refer teens to the program
  • Motivate teens to make healthier choices, reduce or quit harmful substance use
  • Locate resources to supplement the curriculum
  • Win program support from administration, staff, and parents
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to identify participants and facilitate the group
  • Use the program as an early intervention tool for at-risk students
  • Understand addiction
  • Handle difficult issues which may arise in group
  • Refer students for additional services
  • Motivate teens to move through the stages of change
  • Increase protective factors and decrease risk.

Attend This Seminar if You Are:
  • A student assistance professional
  • A chemical health specialist
  • An assistant principal
  • A counselor
  • A social worker
  • A school resource or law enforcement officer
  • A youth worker
  • A treatment professional
  • Anyone interested in helping at-risk students.

Look What Participants Have to Say:
  • What I found most useful was the hands-on activities and review of concepts. Lots of resources provided - great materials. Highly respectful approach. Judy Griffith, Safe and Drug Free Schools Coordinator, Helena, MT.
  • What I found most useful was the curriculum. [The trainer] is a terrific teacher. The training was great fun. Gary Stannof, Vacaville Police Department, Vacaville, CA.
  • Insight is insightful. The supplemental handouts will provide a great resource for health projects. Insight is an excellent program that could be utilized by the "at-risk" counselor at our high school. Mark Kessler, Health Teacher, Danville, CA.
  • [The trainer's] stories and illustrations were very helpful as well as viewing the new videos. I have taught Insight for 19 years and am excited to use the new curriculum and resources! Judy Lutton, Counselor, Auburn, WA.
  • [The trainer], as usual, did a fantastic job. His overheads were good, as well as the "war stories." Well-paced format. Videos were great. Clear, specific presentation. George Stahl, Counselor, Lino Lakes, MN