Products to Help Youth: TAP/TEG Starter Kit

Great Tobacco Gross Out Poster
Describes harmful effects of “spit” tobacco. (22” x 28” Laminated)

Hairy Tongue Poster
Two pictures of a Hairy Tongue condition. (12” x 25” Laminated)

How I Quit Smoking and Saved My Life (DVD: 29min)
This inspirational, fast-paced drama follows a typical teenager who’s trying to quit smoking. Through her eyes we learn first hand just how hard it is for her and other teen to break their addiction to both nicotine and smoking. It offers a message of hope when it comes to breaking the chain of addiction.

Inflatable Giant Cigarette
This 3-foot inflatable cigarette lists eye-opening statistics on the use of tobacco.

I Quit Medallion
This antique bronze medallion affirms the choice to not use tobacco. One side includes the words, “It’s Good to be Free” the other side includes the 4 Ds: Delay, Drink Water, Do Something Else, Deep Breathe. (1 5/16” diameter)

Marijuana & Smoking Charts
Clear pictures of the body parts harmed by the use of these substances. (24” x 36” Laminated)

No Ifs, Ands or Butts, Smoking Kills (DVD 24min)
This program clearly describes why young teens get addicted so much faster than adults, how smoking actually changes chemicals in the brain that cause addiction, and how tobacco use hooks teens mentally and physically. A very dynamic story of the harmful consequences to one teenager.

Relaxation CD
One CD containing 3 sessions of music and vocal relaxation exercises.

Smoking Truth or Dare (DVD 29min)
Graphically demonstrates to tobacco-using teens what this deadly habit is doing to them. The damage smoking or chewing tobacco does to their bodies is not just something intangible that they might have to face forty or more years down the road. These young people are suffering the deadly effects of their tobacco use right now and the consequences will only get worse.

Stress Reducers Poster
Lists positive action steps teens can use to reduce their stress. (22” x 28” Laminated)

Story of a Spit Tobacco User (DVD 28 min)
Motivate students to think twice about using spit tobacco. Former chewing tobacco user and professional baseball player, Rick Bender, speaks to students in this gripping video about what caused him to begin “dipping,” his addiction to “chew.” his development of oral cancer, and the eventual loss of part of his jaw, tongue and facial tissues.

Targeted (DVD 24min)
Unveil some of the most common “tricks of the trade” that tobacco and alcohol companies use to market their products.

Ten Reasons It’s No Joke to Smoke poster
(12” wide x 25” high Laminated)

Think Twice: Marijuana and Cancer (DVD 19min)
New research links marijuana smoking with head and neck cancers, in addition to the already known risk of developing lung cancer. This DVD tells about several young people who developed cancer of the tongue, neck and jaw.

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