Products to Help Youth: Insight Starter Kit

Brain Scans: Alcohol & the Teenage Brain (DVD 23 min)
Show students how alcohol affects teens as young as 14 years old. Also show why alcohol affects younger brains more profoundly than older ones.

Club Drugs (DVD 27 min)
Provide teens with the latest up-to-date information on the dangers of Ecstasy, GBH, OxyContin, methamphetamines, Rohypnol (the date rape drug) and many others. This program gives a strong “no use” message and will help teens evaluate their choices at parties where adult supervision may be lacking.

Drunk & Dangerous Glasses
Show kids the visual distortion, loss of balance, and lack of control that makes drunk drivers so dangerous. A carrying case is included.

How Are You Feeling Today? Poster
Broad list of feelings. (22” x 26” Laminated)

Marijuana Poster
“Hey man, I’ve been smoking pot since junior high and I haven’t changed.” He’s right. He hasn’t grown up. He hasn’t graduated. He hasn’t gotten a job. He still lives at home. He’s 28. (36” x 12” Laminated)

Marijuana Papers (DVD 20 min)
Reveal the latest scientific research about how marijuana changes the adolescent brain, impairs the brain’s ability to perform complex tasks, lowers the body’s immune system, and can become powerfully addictive.

Reality of Drug Use (DVD 21 min)
From the Teen Files Flipped series. Teens from various ethnic groups and socio-economic levels come to grip with various drug use issues and consequences.

Relaxation CD
One CD containing 3 sessions of music and vocal relaxation exercises.

Substance Abuse Charts
Nine charts which clearly show the harmful effect of the body of Alcohol, Marijuana, Inhalants, Heroin, Steroids, Smoking, Ecstasy, Cocaine and Methamphetamines. (24” x 36” Laminated)

Stress Poster
List of positive action steps teens can use to reduce their stress. (22” x 28” Laminated)

Think Twice: Marijuana and Cancer (DVD 19min)
New research links marijuana smoking with head and neck cancers, in addition to the already known risk of developing lung cancer. This DVD tells about several young people who developed cancer of the tongue, neck and jaw.

Truth About Drinking (DVD 29 min)
Powerful scenarios showing how alcohol can cause a wide variety of problems in the lives of young people. Powerful and emotional. Part of the Teen File Series.

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