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Who We Are

Community Intervention offers training seminars on issues related to teens in grades 9-12. We offer everything from tobacco cessation, to positive alternatives to suspension, to overcoming problems with drugs. All seminars are led by award-winning trainer Jim Crowley. If you do not see a seminar that meets your needs, please email Bob Edelstein at or call 612-226-2412 and we will design one that your organization can sponsor.

Help Teens Stop Using Tobacco (TAP & TEG)

Helping Teens Stop Using Tobacco (TAP) provides the options, resources, education, and support to help teens stop using tobacco.
Intervening with Teen Tobacco Users (TEG) is a practical, science-based program that will show you how to effectively deal with students who violate a school's tobacco policy.

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Teens Overcome Problems with Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drugs - The Insight Class Program:

Help Teens Overcome Problems with Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drugs (Insight) is a practical, research-based curriculum that will show you how to help teens in trouble because of their alcohol, marijuana, or other drug use.

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Internet Training

Our new Internet Training Sessions provide you with the same quality training you expect from Community Intervention without having to leave your office. Available training includes TAP, TEG, Insight, and free informational webinars.

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